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Tey and Asia ~ Winter Bliss

A fun, quick, and snowy shoot with the furry of the family. Some of my favorite snowy pictures ever! After having someView full post »

Most Deserving Mom Giveaway!

UPDATE With so many incredible stories, this has become a tough task in deciding. We are currently narrowing all theView full post »

Miss Charlee

I’ve only known Tristina a short while, yet we’ve become closest of friends. When she introduced littleView full post »

Lynde and Charlie

I hadn’t planned on writing much on any of these family posts this week, if any at all, but as I was gettingView full post »

This day. These people.

On this morning, we all said our goodbye’s to Di, our beloved friend. We then decompressed by laughing, tellingView full post »

The Cuff Family

A couple of weeks ago I drove up to my favorite river and spent some time with a family I’ve gotten to know overView full post »

“I’m THIS many”

Man, I just realized how lame I’ve been at not blogging some good stuff! Talon. You all know him by now,View full post »

Levi and Talon

Today was good to me. I just received some film orders back from the lab. And it all looks so good! In a few daysView full post »